Центры в Москве:
1) "Красносельский"       +7 (929) 542-90-50
2) ЖК "Лучи"       +7 (929) 522-05-05

Центры в Ташкенте:

"Луначарский"       +998 (93) 175-11-11

Our territory

CambridgeJunior UniverNursery is located on a separate secured territory which belongs to Linguistics School-Lyceum and British Lyceum. And we are truly proud or our territory: children are not only safe here, but are surrounded by beautiful nature which is of no little importance for Moscow citizens. Our botanical garden includes hundreds of different trees and flowers. In spring and summer it is all green and it feels like you are out of town. Moreover, here you can find a well-equipped playground, a basketball court, a football ground suitable for running sports events and a recreational zone with an alcove. We also have a horse, a camel, storks and even our own dog Silva.