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About us

International CambridgeJunior UniverNursery Schools are bilingual full-time nursery schools with extra-curricular programmes devised by Linguistics School-Lyceum and Cambridge Language Assessment in Russia. The curriculum is tailored to developing the variety of skills needed to prepare 2 – 7 year-old pre-schoolers either for schools specializing in the English language or for schools where tuition is conducted entirely in English.

The main concept of UniverNurseries is based on the generally accepted and most effective international education and child care methods for pre-schoolers as well as methods developed by Linguistics School-Lyceum and Cambridge Language Assessment Centres in Russia.

The total-immersion method provides children with the wonderful opportunity to absorb the English language in a natural environment. To this end, we have at our disposal a team of highly qualified native speaking course designers for pre-school education and a team of highly qualified teachers who know British and Russian methods of pre-school education. Our UniverNurseries use Camrbidge Language Assessment’s international curriculum for pre-school children.

Each area of study in the UniverNurseries ends with interim “assessments” that are conducted in a fun stress-free manner. This creates a psychological atmosphere conducive to the positive reception of a variety of assessments and tests that a child will undergo throughout their education career. Thus children will not have to face the ordeal of discomfort when being tested as they will not consider tests a threat. On the contrary, a child will perceive assessment as a necessary element or link in the study chain providing them the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements, to raise their self-esteem and to encourage them to improve their personal results.

Children feel comfortable in our nursery schools. We provide a unique fairy-tale and, at the same time, homely atmosphere which develops creative and cognitive potential. Aside from lessons catered to developing attention, diligence, memory, speech, creative thinking and logic children are provided with home-like care: daily routine (sleep, walks in fresh air in our own botanic garden with rare fir plants), security and 5 meals per day. Parents may rest assured that all their children’s’ needs will be taken care of.

Special attention is given to child nutrition in our UniverNurseries. We consider each child’s individual dietary needs and as a result, we maintain a nutrition profile for them. For those children whose families follow strict nutritional routines, we create a separate menu. All food undergoes checks for eco-friendliness and the individual dietary needs of the child.

In addition, the nurseries have beautifully designed spaces for lessons, playtime and rest. The interiors have been specially created so that children are comfortable and safe while the main feature, which attracts kids themselves most of all, is the feeling that you have entered a wonderland. Each Nursery School building has been designed in a unique way. The architectural effect both from the outside and from the inside is that of a fairy-tale castle.

Children do not want to leave us: check it out for yourself!