Центры в Москве:
1) "Красносельский"       +7 (929) 542-90-50
2) ЖК "Лучи"       +7 (929) 522-05-05

Центры в Ташкенте:

"Луначарский"       +998 (93) 175-11-11

A dialogue with parents

Zhernova Maria

Hello! Do you have branches? We would really like to enroll in your wonderful nursery school, but we live in the south-west of Moscow.


Yes, we have serious plans to open new branches. And we are opening in the south-west in September, 2016. So you can pay us a visit and sign a future contract now.

Latysheva Nina

Hello! Do you use English as a language of communication or only have English classes?


Our nursery school is bilingual and we use both Russian and English every day. Our everyday English lessons are taught by certified teachers through play and with the use of methods of Linguistics School-Lyceum and Cambridge Language Assessment Centre. Maths and General Science lessons are taught by native speaking teachers.

Frolova Ekaterina

Are all lessons included in price? Or are there any extra curriculum activities?


Apart from the main curriculum there are extra curriculum courses and activities at additional fees: rhythmic gymnastics, self-defense, pottery workshops. 

Lyapeneva Olga

Hello! We are a vegetarian family. What kind of meals can you offer to our child?



Meal plans at our nursery school are created in accordance with individual needs of the children. Each child has his/her own nutrition planWe can offer your child a well-balanced and healthy vegetarian menu. 

Eleseeva Anna

Good afternoon! We have 2 kids, do you make any discounts and will we have to pay two registration fees?

A family pays only one registration fee. If two children attend the nursery school you will have a 10% discount on tuition fees.

Arni Yulia

Would you tell us, please, can we come and see the nursery school before making a final decision?


You can visit our nursery school on any of the weekdays or on Saturday by prior arrangement. There is a free trial day on which you can stay with your child during all activities, try the food together with the child and talk with the teachers.